August 19, 2023

Post Orgasm Torture

Traditionally, sexual stimulation tends to reduce once an orgasm has been reached. But for some individuals, the pleasure journey continues. Post orgasm torture is a type of BDSM play that involves continuing or intensifying sexual stimulation and stimulating sensitive areas after climax, often with the use of sex toys. This practice can be highly pleasurable, but it is important to explore your boundaries and understand personal sensitivities before engaging in this type of kink exploration. Consent and communication are essential, and it is recommended to use a safe word or signal and check in throughout the experience to ensure safety and satisfaction.

For women, post orgasm torture can include techniques like manual stimulation and oral sex as well as the use of sex toys to stimulate the clitoris. Vibrators are frequently used to add an extra element of pleasure, intensity, and vibration patterns to the experience. The refractory period (the amount of time it takes for a woman to recover from orgasm) and the giver’s anatomy, skillset, and pain and pleasure tolerance will all impact how any scene plays out.

A non-consensual forced orgasm can have a negative physical and emotional impact, including sub-drop (the drop in adrenaline that occurs after experiencing a play session). To avoid this, it is recommended to practice consensual orgasm torture with a trusted partner who shares the same sexual desires, understands their limits, and can offer appropriate aftercare. Additionally, it is recommended to start with gentle stimulation after orgasm and gradually increase intensity based on individual sensitivity.


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