March 30, 2023

Piecing Together Fun: A Collection of Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles for All Skill Levels

Looking for a new way to enjoy jigsaw puzzles? Whether making old favorites or creating something new and exciting, like the puzzles we are about to see in this blog, making puzzles the old-fashioned way can feel tedious. So here are some of our favorite challenges. How many have you tried?

Try to solve puzzles with one color or a gradient.

Can you put together a puzzle using only pieces of one color? It is not simple. Monochromatic puzzles are ideal for the expert puzzler who no longer wants to rely on a single image. If every piece has the same appearance, you should focus on fit, size, and form.

Try the gradient puzzles instead if the colors are too challenging for you, where you go from one hue to the next. Although gradient puzzles lack graphics and are highly difficult, they at least feature many hues, making it easy to distinguish the puzzle parts.

Visit Black and White Riddles from Back in the Day:

Try a black-and-white puzzle if you want additional difficulty but still want your completed PuzzlePuzzle to have a pleasing visual. Although the black-and-white PuzzlePuzzle requires a lot of focus because there are only two colors, at least you can follow the picture on the box. Black-and-white puzzles are also excellent examples of art.

Rounded Puzzles Without Corners:

Regardless of their expertise, most puzzle solvers will assemble the frame before tackling the interior components. What happens if you lack a rectangular frame? Without corner pieces, is it possible to put together a puzzle?

Due to the added challenge, it presents and the change of pace from the standard jigsaw puzzle format, round jigsaw puzzles have recently gained popularity. While the border portion is rounded, it still technically has a boundary. It isn't easy to see where the rounded edge starts and finishes without the corner pieces.

By selecting a straightforward image or employing fewer components, you can solve the circle problem. It is advised for individuals looking to advance their puzzle-solving abilities without deviating too far from the depths of impossibly difficult challenges. You'll like your one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle once you put it all together.

Use photo mosaic puzzles to stimulate your brain:

This is for the ultimate professional puzzler looking for a near-impossible challenge. Photomosaic puzzles comprise tiny image parts that make up the entire picture of the problem.

These puzzles can easily become extremely perplexing. We must match the pieces to create all the tiny pictures in the mosaic and combine the main image.

You can turn Van Gogh's "The Starry Night" into a beautiful puzzle mosaic. While recognizable images can make the process easier, completing this puzzle still demands time, planning, and determination.

Using transparent glass puzzles, experiment with different puzzle types:

Why have no color at all if you find a one-color puzzle challenging? There are fewer pieces in the impossible problem, so it may appear too simple initially, but all pieces are made of transparent glass. Your existence is a worthy test of your abilities.

The complexity of a puzzle is increased because seeing through parts makes it challenging to tell a jigsaw piece's front from its back. You may have hours of frustrating enjoyment in this puzzle because some pieces have the wrong edges.

To tackle this tough challenge, choose a less dark canvas. You also require a lot of light. This puzzle will reflect light and provide a lovely sparkle after it is put together.

Take giant puzzles home:

Adding more pieces is the most obvious approach to making a problem more difficult. Do you excel at 500-piece puzzles? Instead, try 1000. Try a 1,500-piece puzzle once you've solved these.

18000-piece jigsaw puzzle and an 18,000-piece puzzle box with an image of Paris. There are more than 40,000 pieces in the biggest jigsaw puzzle ever, so you have lots of space to develop your abilities on puzzles that get bigger and bigger.

Additional Added difficulties for adult jigsaw puzzles include:

If you want to make a puzzle you currently have to solve increasingly harder, try switching up your approach.

Turn the problem inside out, for instance. Join the inner parts together before adding the border piece, rather than building the border first.

The puzzle may also be solved without looking at the box's image. Before you begin, please take a quick look at the photographs in the box, then put them away, and don't use them again. This technique calls for memorization of the image and reliance on the color and form of the individual pieces to determine their placement.

Try one of our challenging puzzles:

Fun jigsaw puzzles for adults include an immersive mental challenge, whether you're a novice or a seasoned master. Distractions should be turned off if you want to relax and enjoy yourself more.

To finish our puzzles, you should choose between easy, intermediate, or advanced difficulty, depending on your motivation and attitude. You may also let us know your preferred puzzle hardness, and we'll pick the ideal puzzle for you.

Whether to frame:

Thank you for solving the Puzzles. It's time to choose whether to display your creation in a frame, smash it up and share it with others, or reassemble the puzzle later.

We hope you find these ideas enjoyable. With these tips, we hope you'll be able to solve even the trickiest riddles with finesse and ease.


You seek fresh challenges if you've been solving puzzles for a while. Puzzles are enjoyable and calming, but they're also cognitively challenging. Jigsaw puzzle completion has been demonstrated to exercise both sides of the brain and enhance short-term memory.

Which of the jigsaw puzzles above you have seen is the best for people who want a bigger challenge? The solution to that query we have covered in the above blog. We hope, This blog is for you if you're tired of the same old cityscape and landscape riddles that you can answer quickly and easily.


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