September 12, 2023

Petal Cone Confetti For Your Wedding Or Event

Petal cones are the perfect addition to your ceremony exit and make for beautiful Insta-worthy photos. They’re also a great way to get guests involved in your big day. They’re easy to grab and allow guests to shower you in whatever your petals of choice are – roses, hydrangea, or something else altogether!

Our petal cone package is complete with 10 beautifully pre-rolled confetti cones and 1 Litre of biodegradable rose or hydrangea petals to fill them. Choose from 6 confetti cone colours – white, pink, blue, grey, kraft or lilac – to compliment your wedding or event colour scheme. The petals are then freeze dried to help slow down their natural biodegradation and to keep them looking beautiful all day long. They’re ideal for throwing at weddings, baby showers and all celebrations!

The problem with rose petals is that it’s incredibly hard to find roses that don’t have pesticides, heavy metals or mold in them. These contaminants can easily be carried onto a cannabis product during harvest and production. Having them in your pre-rolls could cause contamination issues for your business and put your customers at risk.

We’ve done the research and have yet to find a supplier that can reliably offer rose petals in a cone that will pass cannabis testing standards. They’re likely to have pesticides, heavy metals or even mold in them - which is the opposite of what you want your products to be made with.


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