March 21, 2024

Passages Malibu Cost - The Most Expensive Drug Rehabs

If you or someone close to you is considering attending a luxury rehab, it's essential that they understand exactly what is involved. We have put together this article in order to assist them. Here we'll break down 20 most expensive rehabs and examine what makes each unique, amenities they offer and why certain individuals may select them as potential treatment providers.

Over two decades ago, passages malibu cost has been an esteemed rehabilitation facility. Established by Chris and Pax Prentiss - father-son duo who wanted to help those struggling with drug addiction - Chris and Pax established passages malibu cost with the goal of inspiring individuals through individualized and holistic treatments that transform lives like their own did; while providing clients with luxurious surroundings that feel both comforting and welcoming for rehab.

Therapists at this center are highly-skilled professionals, offering one-on-one therapy tailored to clients' individual needs. The program emphasizes root-causes of addiction while emphasizing personal empowerment during recovery compared to traditional 12-Step programs that only address superficial conditions.

Malibu and Ventura locations of this facility, both featuring luxurious marble entryways and pricey furnishings, offer services. Each facility is also meticulously kept clean by workers hired to sweep and dust for eight hours each day. However, concerns have been expressed that such extravagant environments could actually impede healing efforts.


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