April 3, 2024

Passages Malibu Cost

Passages Malibu Cost is known for its luxurious atmosphere of comfort, familiarity, and service. Each client receives their own personal assistant and 46-inch plasma TV upon entering. In addition, ten-person teams of therapists and doctors are assembled once accepted into the program. In addition to its luxurious amenities like pools, massage rooms and acupuncture areas - Passages Malibu Cost also features beautiful ocean views from its private rooms as well as breathtaking ocean views secluded ocean views that allow clients to truly escape.

Passages Malibu Cost was founded with a mission of inspiring others through customized, holistic treatments. Their objective is to reduce stress and distractions during difficult times in life while aiding recovery from addiction or emotional issues. Malibu and Ventura locations feature expansive mansions with private rooms, beautiful gardens and on-site chefs that prepare nutritious meals.

Each location provides a non-12 Step holistic approach to treatment that emphasizes extensive one-on-one therapy sessions as well as alternative therapies like hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and sound therapy in addition to regular psychiatric care. Clients can expect 20-36 hours of one-on-one therapy every month - often sessions take place around the clock!

Passages Malibu stands out among Malibu rehabs as being among the more expensive facilities, both locally and nationally. Prices begin at $80,000 a month for shared rooms with prices going as high as $111,000 for private ones. Furthermore, this facility does not offer refund policies if a patient decides to leave; should their money remain with them after leaving they resell your spot to another patient and do not reimburse you any of it back.


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