March 23, 2023

Osho Meditation - Dynamic Meditation

osho meditation

Osho meditation is a powerful and effective technique to enhance your spiritual growth and inner transformation. It is a unique way to connect to the source of all life, transforming your bio energy and finding true peace.

It is also a method to cleanse the subtle energy body that surrounds your physical body. When the chakras of your body get blocked, it leads to the development of a number of diseases and health problems. Osho’s dynamic meditation is a technique to release and keep the chakras unclogged and unfettered.

One of the most powerful Osho Meditations is Dynamic Meditation which is a 60 minute formatted meditation practice. This meditation technique has 5 stages & each stage is demarked by specific music.

The first stage involves fast & deep breathing for 10 minutes. This breathing technique can help you to overcome emotional shocks that lead to a freezing response in the body.

This breathing technique is also a great technique to release unwanted emotions like anger and frustration. The second stage involves jumping & shouting a mantra “hoo” for 10 minutes.

The third stage is a catharsis of the body which involves shaking and dancing as you like for 10 minutes. It helps to let go of all repressed emotions which is essential for your journey on the spiritual path.

This is a powerful and effective technique to transform your body, mind & spirit in just 60 minutes. It will give you the strength to handle all the challenges in your life without being weighed down by negative thoughts and feelings.


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