March 19, 2023

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review - Black and Chrome

omega j8006 nutrition center juicer black and chrome

Black and Chrome

If you are in the market for a juicer that is quiet, compact, efficient and easy to clean then the omega j8006 nutrition center juicer is a great option. It offers exceptional cold-press juicing abilities and can also be used as a pasta maker or basic food processor.

Compared to centrifugal juicers, the masticating style of the omega j8006 is much more effective at extracting maximum nutrients from fruits and vegetables. This technique involves squeezing the juice from your ingredients using a powerful motor and auger that gently chews the plant fibers and penetrates the membranes to extract vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

The masticating process at low speed (80 RPMs) reduces heat build-up that prevents oxidation of your fresh juice and keeps the healthy enzymes intact. This makes your juice more nutrient rich and longer lasting, and it also helps to keep your fruit and veggie flavors fresher for a longer period of time.

Less Foaming

Unlike twin gear models that produce a lot of foam, the masticating design of the omega j8006 produces less foam and less coloration than its centrifugal counterparts. This enables your juice to retain its natural taste and nutrients for a longer period of time, allowing you to use the same ingredients for several days.

The masticating technique is also more effective at processing greens than most centrifugal juicers. This includes wheatgrass, which drew very high extraction percentages when tested with the omega j8006.


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