March 23, 2023

New York Meditation Retreat

new york meditation retreat

Whether you're looking to find a new way to practice mindfulness or just want to get out of the city for some peace and quiet, a new york meditation retreat is a great option. These retreats, which are increasingly popular with wellness travelers, give you a chance to clear your mind without the distractions of everyday life and help you return to the real world refreshed and rejuvenated.

Yoga, meditation and meditative arts are the mainstays of these retreats; you'll learn how to focus your mind, relax, release stress and improve your overall health through these holistic practices. They also incorporate nature into their schedules, letting you spend time outdoors in beautiful surroundings.

The secluded setting of this retreat center is home to an ashram and community members who are all dedicated to living in service to the Divine. Its location in the Catskill Mountains makes it an ideal getaway for a weekend away from New York City, just two hours away.

Shobo-Ji is a pioneer Zen center that was founded in 1968 and offers guided zazen (seated meditation) and retreats lasting from a weekend to a month. Its converted 3-story carriage house and traditional Japanese stone garden make for a calming atmosphere that's rooted in a traditional Rinzai Zen lineage.

A New York Buddhist retreat is a perfect place to experience the teachings of the Buddha through silent meditation, vegetarian meals, Dharma talks and woodland hikes in the surrounding area. It's a great place to find healing from trauma or to work on developing a more mindful approach to the world around you.


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