March 18, 2024

Natural Living - Connecting With Nature

Natural living involves connecting with nature and choosing non-toxic food, home and beauty products for your daily life, in addition to using sustainable practices that reduce waste while improving our planet.

Living a more natural, non-toxic life can be both liberating and satisfying, adapting itself to fit your individual lifestyle whether that's in the city or countryside. By making gradual changes, lasting transformation will result.

Holistic health and alternative medicine are an integral component of natural living, emphasizing holistic healing and the mind-body connection. Many treatments, including herbal remedies and acupuncture, offer natural, low-risk solutions that often outshone more conventional medical services in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Nature-based therapy can be an invaluable way to promote mental well-being. Studies demonstrate the positive correlations between frequent exposure to nature and reduced stress levels, increased attention spans and decreased depression rates as well as greater empathy levels. However, for some individuals - especially those with limited functioning due to disability, ageing or illness - the benefits of nature may be reduced by barriers preventing access. Barriers to enjoying nature may include limited accessibility of paths or spaces; poor design of natural areas; physical harm caused by predators in nature (physical assault or harassment); or feelings of insecurity related to physical assault, sexual harassment and discrimination in the natural world. As a result, those most in need are missing out on reaping its many wellbeing benefits; but there are ways of increasing accessibility so everyone can take full advantage of what nature brings us all.


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