March 23, 2023

My Life Meditation

Taking time to meditate can be a powerful way to recharge both your mind and body, especially in this age of non-stop, high-pressure careers. With burnout on the rise and the World Health Organization estimating that $300 billion will be spent on stress in a decade, meditation is an easy and natural way to turn off the stress circuits.

Practicing mindfulness helps us recognize when our minds start to wander and helps us train ourselves to stay focused on what we are doing, even when thoughts come up that don’t feel right or comfortable. It also teaches us to let go of unwanted thoughts and emotions.

Meditation for Self-Compassion

One of the most common benefits of meditation is an increase in self-compassion and body acceptance. This can be particularly useful for those who experience a sense of shame or anxiety about their bodies due to changes in weight, shape or other factors.

This practice includes focusing on the sounds of your breath and welcoming them to fill your senses, while recognizing and affirming the universal life force that gives your life meaning and value. It also invites joy and well-being into every cell of your body.

Mediation for Mental Health

Meditation is a proven way to improve your mental health, but many people struggle with it and have trouble finding the time. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to get in the habit of mindfulness meditation.

My Life Meditation, formerly Stop, Breathe & Think is an app designed for kids, teens and adults who have trouble fitting in meditation, with the goal of making the practice approachable and fun. Its daily check-in process - a 10-second breathing exercise followed by a status update on how you are feeling physically and emotionally - curates a personalized meditation and activity list to suit your needs.


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