March 19, 2023

Mooji Meditation For Sleep

mooji meditation

Meditation for Sleep

This guided meditation will help you to detach from reality and get to sleep. Using the technique of visualization you will be transported into outer space and explore a beautiful setting amongst the stars while relaxing your body and mind. This long meditation is a great way to end the day and get ready for bed!

Guided meditations by Mooji

A Jamaican-born spiritual teacher and retreat leader, Mooji gives satsangs around the world. His focus is on mind-body-spirit wellness and he draws inspiration from Hinduism in his teachings.

In recent years, Mooji has emphasized emptiness, an existential "Here" that is prior even to perception, and in unity with all phenomena. Emptiness allows us to see the equanimity and freedom that comes from living beyond the self, according to his teachings.

He also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a relationship with our real nature, and that the mind is poisonous and must be controlled. However, former members say that Mooji has abused his students and turned them into a cult in an abusive environment of social isolation, silence and long work days.

There are a growing number of people who have been warning others to stay away from Mooji's ashram in Portugal. They say he is running a dangerous cult and has sexually abused students under the guise of spirituality.

The real Mooji is far different from the one people see on youtube and in public events. Former members describe him as “cruel,” “abusive,” “narcissistic,” “extremely controlling,” and “a bully.”


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