March 23, 2023

Mindfulness Meditation - A Powerful Tool That Can Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes

meditation to quit smoking

Mindfulness Meditation is a powerful tool that can help smokers quit cigarettes.

Smoking is one of the most addictive drugs there is, and it hijacks your brain’s reward system. Consequently, it’s hard to stop smoking without some serious self-control.

Meditation has been proven to improve self-control in people with a number of different addictions, including alcohol, drugs and gambling. It also increases connectivity between regions of the brain responsible for self-regulation, which can be a huge factor in helping people to kick the habit.

Researchers at Yale University in the US have conducted a study on how mindfulness meditation can help smokers to quit. The group of students who underwent meditation training smoked 60% less than those in the relaxation treatment group by the end of two weeks.

How it works:

A common reason why people smoke is because they are stressed. Stress is something that can be easily reduced by meditating, which can reduce anxiety and boost mood and wellbeing.

When you meditate, you learn to identify and accept your thoughts, emotions and bodily feelings (both the good and the bad) by deciding not to react to them in an automatic way. In this way, you can learn to change your reaction to cravings by embracing them instead of escaping from them.


Getting over cravings is the main obstacle in quitting smoking, so meditation can help you to do just that. By meditating regularly, you can begin to see the cravings for what they are – a triggering situation that is not causing you any harm, but that you are avoiding. Eventually, the craving will pass and you will be free from your smoking habit.


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