January 24, 2024

Mindfulness and Spirituality

mindfulness and spirituality

Mindfulness is a cognitive skill developed through meditation that involves maintaining meta-awareness of one's mental state and its contents, often leading to reduced psychological distress and medical symptoms. Studies have also demonstrated its health benefits such as reduced psychological distress.

People often turn to mindfulness as a means to deepen their spirituality, yet many misconceptions still remain around mindfulness and spirituality. Some individuals may fear finding their spirituality because they think religion will be involved, when spirituality really means finding what gives your life meaning and purpose - be that faith, a mindfulness practice, hobby, or even simply going on a walk!

Studies conducted to date on mindfulness-based interventions have demonstrated correlations with increases in aspects of spirituality such as sense of purpose and meaning, closer ties with universe/higher power relationship etc. Unfortunately these results have yet to be replicated and there is no direct evidence to link spirituality with increased health-related quality of life through mindfulness practices.

Note also that mindfulness tends to promote an individualistic, self-help type of spirituality, often stemming from early Buddhist teachings which emphasise morality. Furthermore, proponents of mindfulness assume that "natural" ethical awakening will occur through paying attention to present moment in an nonjudgmental manner.


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