March 19, 2023

Michael Sealey Meditation - 3 Free Self-Hypnosis Meditations

michael sealey meditation

Michael sealey meditation is a popular app and YouTube channel that offers meditation videos to quiet your mind, release stress, and find your purpose in life. His guided meditations are free to watch on his app and YouTube channel and use self-hypnosis techniques to help you relax.

Whether you’re looking for an easy guided meditation to start your day or a deep healing sleep meditation, there are dozens of options on the market that are guaranteed to help. These meditations range from quick and easy under 20 minutes to hour long hypnosis tracks with everything from breathing exercises to chakra balancing and other tricks for getting grounded.

Self-Love Sleep Hypnosis Audio

This audio has nearly 5 million views and uses a mix of mindfulness meditation, hypnosis, and a guided visualisation to help you calm your mind before bed. The hypnotic suggestions help you to turn off “the excessive noise of mind chatter” so you can drift into a deeper state of relaxation, helping you get the rest you need for your body and brain.

The audio also features soothing music and tranquil sounds of a campfire to elevate your relaxation experience. This audio is meant to be listened to with headphones to ensure that you can achieve the most benefit from it.

Finding Your Purpose in Life with Guided Meditation

This guided meditation will teach you how to find your purpose in life and help you connect with your inner healing energy. It begins with a gentle breathing and relaxation exercise that will help you detach from negative thoughts and beliefs that prevent you from living your best life.


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