September 12, 2023

Men's Brazilian Wax in Oklahoma City

We’ve got you covered with our men’s waxing services. Whether you’re looking for a full Brazilian, back or chest wax, we can help you achieve the smooth skin you’ve been dreaming of. With our quick, painless and effective waxing treatments, you can say goodbye to razor burn and hello to sexy, hair-free skin.

For best results, it’s important to avoid showering or swimming in the pool or hot tub for at least two hours after your wax. You should also avoid using heavy skin products, since they can clog pores. You may experience a few red bumps in the areas of your body that have been waxed, but these will quickly fade. Warm compresses, loose-fitting clothing and recommended topical products can help reduce redness after your wax.

This service is a great add on to any Brazilian or Bikini Wax Service. It covers the entire genital area including the labia majora and minora. This is a great addition to any beard trim as well! The eyebrow wax includes cleansing the brows, prep gel wax application, outlining/reshaping of brows and trimming.


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