March 10, 2024

Meditation With Bija Mantras

Vedic is built upon an older, more primitive language of bija mantras: single syllable sounds or roots believed to embody divinity and thus believed to have contributed significantly towards creating our universe.

Vedic Meditators often start their meditation sessions by repeating their chosen bija mantra in their mind, gradually becoming quieter as time progresses and eventually dissipating altogether, so as the subtle sound vibration leads them deeper into an oasis of serenity.

Bija mantras provide specific frequencies of sound vibrations into the body and heart, helping to calm the mind, stabilize prana flow, and harmonize all five elements and seven chakras.

Different bija mantras correspond with each of the chakras: KSHAM for Kundalini energy (Kama shakti), Hrim with healing, Shrim with beauty and wealth and OM for everything that exists and beyond.

Chanting these mantras activates meridians, which leads to an increase in energy flow throughout the body. Chanting also connects practitioners to their chakras and allows them to feel one with all aspects of nature and life itself.

Start your chanting journey off right by choosing a comfortable seating position you can maintain for at least 15 minutes, though shorter sessions might work too. Set manageable daily duration goals and check in periodically with yourself to maintain motivation.


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