March 19, 2023

Meditation Symbols

meditation symbol

Meditation symbols are a powerful tool to help meditators focus and remain present in the moment. Whether they are used during meditation, intention setting, or mindfulness practice, meditation symbols can help you reach the highest levels of concentration, inner peace, and connection to the Divine.

A meditation symbol is an object or image that a meditator can use as a focal point to focus on during their practice. These symbols can include images, mantras, words, feelings or sensations.

Om or Aum

One of the most popular meditation symbols is om or aum, which represents pure consciousness and bliss. When chanted during meditation, om or aum can aid in opening the third eye and gain a more intense connection with the universe.


The Buddhist meditation symbol of the Buddha is a reminder to be compassionate, enlightened and open. It also signifies the founder of Buddhism, Buddha, who was a great teacher and spiritual leader.

Lotus flower

The lotus flower is a beautiful and empowering symbol to use during meditation. Its petals symbolize the opening of the heart and the flower blooms above muddy waters, which shows that any person can rise above their obstacles to blossom into a more enlightened version of themselves.

Dhyana meditation hand

The dhyana meditation hand is a common yogic symbol that is used to push meditators into a deeper and more profound concentration during their practice. During this type of meditation, the right hand represents enlightenment and higher spiritual faculties while the left hand resembles illusion.


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