March 23, 2023

Meditation Stones and Crystals - How to Use Meditation Stones to Enhance Your Meditation Practice

meditation stones

Meditation is a powerful tool for stress relief, spiritual growth and emotional wellbeing. By adding crystals to your meditation practice, you can enhance these benefits and connect more deeply with your body's energetic pathways.

Step 1: Select the right crystal

When selecting the perfect stone, it's important to follow your intuition and trust that it's a good fit for you. You may feel hot in your hand, tingles in your arm or a "third-eye buzz."

Set an intention

A goal for meditating can be as simple as "I want to relax." However, you should also be specific about the way in which you're aiming to achieve it. This way, your crystal can focus its energies on achieving that goal and bringing it into your daily life.

The right crystal can also help you find your center and balance your chakras (energy centers in the body). It's important to remember that every crystal has different properties, so it's best to use one of each to create a holistic approach to meditation.

Clear quartz is a master healer, and it's also known for its ability to rebalance the energy of all your chakras. This crystal is especially useful for boosting your third eye and crown chakras during meditation, helping you connect with your inner spirit and intuitive guidance.


Amethyst is a highly regarded stone, and it's used in meditation to assist with deep intuitive insights. It is also a great stone for reducing stress and headaches. This calming energy makes it a natural choice for beginners and seasoned meditators alike.


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