March 23, 2023

Meditation on Twin Hearts - A Powerful Tool for World Peace

twin hearts meditation

Meditation on Twin Hearts - A Powerful Tool for World Peace

The Meditation on Twin Hearts (also known as Planetary Meditation for Peace) is a powerful technique for achieving Illumination* or Universal Consciousness. It is also a form of world service that helps to bring harmony through blessing the entire planet with loving-kindness, peace, joy and good will.

It is based on the principle that some of the Major Chakras are entry points or gateways to levels or horizons of consciousness. To achieve illumination or cosmic consciousness, a person must fully activate the Crown Chakra and activate the Heart chakra to develop higher refined emotions like compassion, joy, affection, forgiveness, mercy, and other divine love.

When the Crown and Heart Chakras are sufficiently activated and a common gateway between them is opened, surplus energy is released as pure white light. This radiance of divine light is called Prana.

This white light is a source of healing and energizing energy for the body, mind and emotion. It is the key to happiness, peace, and good health.

In addition, the healing energies help to eliminate painful, obstructive and diseased energies. This is a gentle and easy method of personal and world healing and is widely practiced by tens of thousands of people around the globe, regardless of religion or culture.

To experience the full benefits of this meditation, it is recommended that you practice regularly to consciously open and activate both the Heart and Crown Chakras. It can also be a useful tool for reducing stress, promoting healthy eating habits and removing negative emotional traumas that are holding you back from reaching your desired goals in life.


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