March 23, 2023

Meditation on Surrender

meditation surrender

Surrender is the heart of all spiritual paths, inviting you to let go of control and give yourself back to the origin of your being. This meditation ushers you into deep remembrance of Divine Presence, where true peace, acceptance, strength, clarity and love is always available.

It is a natural process that occurs in dedicated truth-seekers and lovers of the divine; a journey to union through the ecstatic unfoldment of divine love. This practice is a way of cultivating this natural process and allowing it to continue, if you want to expand your inner sanctuary and experience the fullness of the divine.

The Crisis of Transformation

This is a crisis that may occur when your life is going through an upheaval or when your consciousness is undergoing some kind of radical shift. It might be a change in your relationships or career; it might be a disintegration of some social habits, lack of integrity, self-deceptions or denials that have been raging in you.

When these things arise in your life, it’s a great time to surrender and accept them as they are. Instead of fighting with them, you can meet them and learn from them.

Ego Relaxation

A state of deep relaxation is a very potent form of surrender, because it offers a much-needed break from your story. It interrupts your frantic ego grasping and rejecting, letting you rest in the vast heart that is constantly moving and moving you.


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