March 19, 2023

Meditation Music Videos on YouTube

youtube meditation music

YouTube is home to a plethora of meditation music videos, each designed to help you unwind, relax and calm your mind. Whether you’re looking for instrumental pieces, calming nature sounds, or something entirely different, there’s something here for everyone.

Calm - Sleep Casts, Meditation Video and More

One of the most popular meditation apps out there, Calm offers a variety of relaxation videos that are designed to soothe the mind. These are typically centered on visuals of natural surroundings like ocean waves or breezy grasses, and feature soft ambient sounds such as birds chirping, logs cracking on fire, and more.

Tara Brach - Meditation & Mindfulness Education

The American psychologist and Buddhist practitioner Tara Brach offers a variety of meditation videos on her YouTube channel. They range from morning meditations and 10-minute practices to chakra meditations for positive energy.

Buddha’s Lounge - World Music for Relaxation and Sleeping

Buddha’s Lounge is a collection of meditative music that’s perfect for calming the mind and feeling relaxed. They offer a wide range of soothing music, including beautiful flutes, Indian lounge, Arabic lounge, and more.

Great Meditation - Guided Meditation for Beginners

If you’re new to meditation, the Great Meditation channel is a great place to start. They offer guided meditations that are suitable for beginners as well as advanced meditators, with videos for everything from morning meditation to deep relaxation.

Yoga - Meditation and Study Music

The Yoga channel on YouTube offers an extensive collection of meditative music that is designed to aid in relaxation, improve focus and improve sleeping patterns. The channel also features yoga meditation music, reiki healing music, binaural beats and study music to help you achieve a more productive state of mind.


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