March 19, 2023

Meditation Mount Ojai

meditation mount ojai

Located 5 miles from Ojai city centre, Meditation Mount is a sacred site spread across 32 acres of land. The place is ideal for people who wish to meditate and relax with their loved ones. The facility also offers a venue for wedding ceremonies and events.

Founded in 1971, Meditation Mount is a nonprofit meditation center in Ojai California that hosts scheduled visitations and in-person events through pre-registration directly through the website. The times are designed for individuals to reconnect with the soul in the peace and beauty of the Mount.

The Mount is a stunning place that has several beautiful buildings and gardens, which all reflect the spirit of the founder Florence Garrigue who came to Ojai in 1968 to establish this center for meditation groups. It is now an educational center with programs and group meditations that foster spiritual awareness and a reconnection with one’s inner self.

It has two indoor meditation rooms, a small to medium outdoor grounds and a small gift shop that sells mainly gemstones. I would recommend coming here during sunset and enjoying the view of the valley and the mountains. The road up is not too hard to follow and they have a mini 10 minute trail that you can hike while enjoying the scenic view.

It is a very quiet and peaceful place that feels like you are in a different dimension. It is a must see for anyone visiting Ojai.


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