March 23, 2023

Meditation Light

meditation light

Meditation light is a tool for getting centered quickly and helps switch gears between different parts of your day. It can also be used to bring you back into the moment when you feel disconnected or overwhelmed.

Several different meditation lights are available to help you create your own unique experience. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. They all work differently to stimulate the senses and positively interact with brainwaves, breath, and heartbeat.

The color blue signifies peace and calmness, reducing stress and anxiety. This color is also believed to boost growth hormones, strengthen immune systems, and reduce high blood pressure.

Use meditation light to energize the body, improve focus and clarity, and enhance your spiritual connection with the universe. It is easy to practice and will help you get to the root of your issues faster than any other technique.

To meditate with meditation light, place a candle in a comfortable position - avoid slouching and keep it as close to eye level as possible for maximum benefits. You can also position it 3-6 feet away so that your gaze falls naturally on it.

During meditation, you may notice some strange visual phenomena such as a white light coming down from the sky. While this can be frightening at first, it is completely normal and it can become an enjoyable part of the meditation process.

The most common types of light experiences reported across Buddhist traditions are discrete lightforms and patterned or diffuse lights. These experiences are thought to be benign and represent a signpost of progress in the meditative discipline of concentration. However, it is important not to uncritically pathologize these anomalous perceptual experiences. Rather, empirical research that triangulates self-reports with both behavioral and neurobiological markers is required to understand the nature of this side effect and determine its clinical implications.


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