March 23, 2023

Meditation Instruments For Relaxation and Meditation

Music and sounds are amazing meditative tools that can help you relax, calm down and feel more connected with your spirit. They can also assist you with meditative practices like breathing, meditation and mindfulness.

There are many meditation instruments that can be used for relaxation and meditation, including a wide range of bells and gongs. Some are percussive and others are non-percussive, but all of them are calming, soothing, peaceful and healing.

Singing Bowls and Sound Baths

Singing bowls are a type of musical instrument that are often used in meditation. They are typically made from glass and are played by gliding a mallet around their rim to produce quiet, meditative sound. They are often used to mark the start and end of a meditation session or sound bath.

Kalimba and Mouth Harp

The kalimba is a type of African percussion instrument that produces a very calming sound. It is easy to pick up and can be played by anyone with a little patience.

Rainstick and Tuning Forks

Another musical instrument that is incredibly relaxing is the rainstick. It is a tube that contains pins that are arranged in a certain pattern to cause pebbles within the tube to fall against them, producing a peaceful sound that can be calming and soothing.


A didgeridoo is a hollow tube wind instrument that originated in Australia and has been used in ceremonies, rituals and meditation for over a thousand years. Its deep resonance can be soothing and can encourage a deep state of relaxation as well as promote creativity, creative thinking and intuitive communication. It is also known to aid in reducing snoring and can be a powerful tool in deep meditation.


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