March 23, 2023

Meditation in Thailand

meditation thais

Meditation in Thailand is an important practice for a growing number of people seeking to cultivate mindfulness and a positive outlook. The practice is centered around the Buddhist philosophy of mindfulness, which focuses on paying attention to the present moment in order to experience greater peace and well-being.

Several dharma centers offer meditation retreats in Bangkok, and other locations throughout the country. A number of these are affiliated with a full-fledged monastic community and provide instruction from resident abbots or nuns who speak English.

Wat Sanghathan is a favorite among tourists and those who wish to arrange their own self-retreat with the help of the English-speaking abbot, Ajahn Sanong Katapunyo. This center, located in a quiet suburb of Bangkok about an hour’s drive from central Bangkok, offers seven-day retreats beginning the first Saturday of each month.

The meditation sessions are led by Pandit Bhikkhu, who has a down-to-earth approach and a friendly and informal manner that attracts both beginners and experienced meditators. Participants arrive early for tea and coffee, then sit down to meditate followed by a talk and open discussion.

Ban Sawangjai is another meditation center that hosts seven-day retreats in the mountains of Khao Yai in northeastern Thailand, about two and a half hours from Bangkok. In addition to the meditation practice, visitors can take advantage of the monastery’s traditional herbal sauna.

Thais is a former executive and passionate mindfulness teacher who seeks to inspire individuals, companies and institutions to unlock their full potential with ease, grace and compassion. Her goal is to help others discover their true purpose and make a difference in the world.


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