March 23, 2023

Meditation in India

meditation in india

Meditation is an integral part of Indian culture. It has been practiced since the ancient times and is a powerful tool for human development. It helps to calm down the nervous system, reduce stress, and improve emotional and physical well-being.

The art of meditation can be cultivated through the use of various techniques, such as deep breathing, meditation mantras, and silent affirmations. These techniques help a person to reach a state of mental silence that allows them to focus on their present moment and eliminate unnecessary thoughts from their mind.

Several Hindu traditions emphasize meditation as a key means of spiritual and human development. It is believed to help lower anxiety, increase attention and concentration, and promote a sense of well-being.

There are numerous methods of meditation in Indian culture, including those in the Samkhya, Jaina, and Buddhist traditions. One such technique is known as sravana, or fixation of the devotee’s attention on Isvara (the Supreme Lord).

Sravana also involves giving aural reception to descriptions of the Lord’s form, qualities, entourage, and pastimes, as explained in authorized scriptures. This process of sravana can be facilitated by using a spiritual guide, or guru.

Vipassana, the art of seeing things as they really are, is another ancient technique from India. This practice is thought to be more than 2500 years old and was originally taught as a universal remedy for ills like stress, depression, anxiety, and other physical ailments.


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