March 23, 2023

Meditation Essential Oil

meditation essential oil

Meditation Essential Oil is a great way to help you relax and center yourself during your practice. These oils are reputed to evoke different states of relaxation and can be applied directly to the skin or diffused in the air.

Lavender: A lovely floral scent, lavender oil is known to soothe and calm the mind. It can be blended with frankincense, vetiver or patchouli to create a meditation blend that will encourage you to find your inner peace and center.

Sandalwood: An earthy sweet woodsy aroma, sandalwood helps break up negative self-talk and stress that may be clouding your thoughts during meditation. It’s also a hypotensive which can help lower your blood pressure so that you can physically relax during meditation.

Cedarwood: A grounding essential oil, cedarwood is a popular choice for meditation because it helps to clear the mind. It’s also a fantastic option for morning meditations, or evening wind-down rituals when you’re feeling anxious or stressed.

Ylang Ylang: A beautiful floral scent, ylang ylang essential oil is a powerful calming and relaxing agent that will help you release feelings of anxiety, tension, and stress. It’s also a good alternative for meditators who have trouble sleeping as it can help improve sleep quality.

Chamomile: A sedative and relaxant, chamomile is another essential oil that is a great choice for meditation. It can help you combat stress, anger and insomnia, making it a good addition to your meditatiion practice during the day or nighttime.


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