March 19, 2023

Meditation Emoji

meditation emoji

Meditation Emoji

Whether you’re a yogi or just someone who enjoys a good pose, the Person in Lotus Position emoji is a fun way to show off your meditation skills. It’s an emoji that is available on most major platforms, including Apple, Android, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter.

It’s also the first yoga-related emoji to make it into the mainstream lexicon, according to tech entrepreneur and Chief Emoji Officer of Emojipedia Jeremy Burge.

The emoji’s genesis was simple enough. Bramhill combed Google Analytics and social media hashtags to find out how many people were talking about yoga or meditation. The data told him that yoga and meditation weren’t a fad, but a growing cultural phenomenon.

So he set out to create an emoji that reflected this. Using the latest technology, he created a proposal for a new emoji to pitch to Unicode, the governing body that creates and maintains the standard set of standardized emoji.

When it came time to submit his pitch, Bramhill was a little nervous, so he asked some expert guidance from emoji experts to help him navigate the process. The most important piece of advice he received was to be clear, concise, and explain how the new emoji would be different from others in the language.

With the help of a few other experts, Bramhill crafted an image that stood out from the crowd. He opted for a lotus-shaped emoji that could be easily customized with various skin tones or more specifically a woman in lotus position, also known as padmasana. It sported a number of other features that made it a contender for the best emoji including a zero width joiner and the ability to show up as multiple emoji on most platforms.


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