March 19, 2023

Meditation Colors

meditation colors

Meditation colors are often associated with a variety of symbolic meanings, including healing, spiritual enlightenment, personal growth, psychological understanding, and ancient wisdom. Some of the most common are blue, green, purple, white, and gold.

Blue is a color of peace, calm, and clarity. It also stimulates brain function, which can improve mental performance in your meditation practice.

Pink is considered a feminine color, but it can be used in just about any room. Its peacefulness promotes balance and is Feng Shui-approved for its ability to soothe various energies in the space.

Sage is a very earthy color that brings an air of tranquility to a space. It's the perfect balance between green and grey, contrasting well with wood grain, wicker, and other organic materials.

Red is associated with fire, passion, and inspiration. It can also create a sense of energy and excitement in a space. It can be a powerful and active color, but a little goes a long way.

Black is a dark, mysterious color that symbolizes the hidden or unknown. It is also said to protect you from external emotional stress.

If you are looking for a sense of security during your meditation, black may be the right choice. It is a strong, protective color that is able to conceal all of your vulnerabilities and insecurities.

White is a neutral color that evokes feelings of peace and serenity. It is also associated with heightened spiritual awareness and is thought to help you make more informed decisions.


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