March 19, 2023

Meditation Clothing For Women

meditation clothing

Meditation clothing is a crucial part of the Zen meditation experience. The right apparel can make you feel more focused and relaxed during your practice, and it will help prevent distractions from slipping into your mind.

Traditional Zen Buddhist Meditation Clothes

A robe or gown is a popular choice for meditation practitioners. This loose-fitting attire is comfortable and can promote concentration and relaxation, two essential components of a successful meditation session.

The robe is also considered an important piece of Zen Buddhist meditation clothing as it acknowledges the commitment to living in the presence of the Dharma (Buddhist teachings), the teacher and the Sangha (spiritual community). Other Zen robes include jubon (shirt), koromo (Lay Zen robe) and hakama (full-length Japanese Zen sitting skirt).

Flowy Maxi Dresses, Skirts or Kimonos

A long, flowing maxi dress or kimono is an ideal garment for women who are working on healing and embracing their feminine energy. These long, flowing garments are thought to help women connect to the Earth, get grounded and receive the power of Pacha Mama.

Yoga Pants or Sweatpants

If you are a yoga practitioner, these joggers and leggings will keep you comfortable in your seated meditation. With a not-too-tight elastic waistband and a loose fit around the ankles, these pants are perfect for sitting and moving during your meditation sessions.

Hooded Meditation Cloaks

In addition to a variety of loose-fitting clothing, meditation cloaks are growing in popularity for their ability to provide comfort and protection during meditation. They can be particularly useful during cold winter mornings and for long, in-depth meditative sessions.


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