March 23, 2023

Meditation Bracelet

meditation bracelet

Meditation bracelets are an effective way to keep your mind focused during meditation. The repetitive movements of your fingers across each bead helps you stay on track and focus.

The 108 beads in a meditation bracelet are considered to be a count for the number of times you recite a mantra (mantra is a word or phrase that protects your mind from negative thoughts). Mantra meditation can help you achieve clarity and focus in your daily life, especially when you’re stressed or overwhelmed.

A meditation bracelet can also be used to track your breathing when doing pranayama or breathing meditation. Simply hold the first bead and breathe in and out while moving your finger to the next bead. Then, return to the first bead and repeat steps 1 & 2.

Wearing intention-infused malas can help you manifest your specific intentions. These crystals have been crafted into beautiful beads that hold specific healing properties that can promote the flow of energy to your chakra centers.

This multi-colored Calming Fluorite Meditation Bracelet combines the soothing and healing energies of Fluorite gemstones with the spirituality of Amethyst to encourage enlightened inner growth. The gemstones enhance your awareness and open your heart to divine communication.

The calming and uplifting energy of Fluorite can help to nurture your spirit, soothe your nervous system, and clear away cluttered thoughts. The mystical and spiritual Amethyst stone expands the higher mind to promote deep insight and strengthens visionary experiences.


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