March 23, 2023

Meditation Altar Table - Shrine

meditation altar table

Meditation Altar Table / Shrine

A meditation altar table (or shrine) is a space that you create and fill with spiritual items that help support your meditation practice. They’re a great way to make your meditative practice more meaningful and to establish a place for yourself where you can connect with your divine self on a regular basis.

The best meditation altar tables are designed to be a safe, sacred space that allows you to relax, center, and ground yourself. They feature adjustable decor, a sturdy bottom shelf for holding your meditation supplies, and an intentional design that honors your spiritual practices and Mother Nature.

Creating Your Meditation Altar

The first step in creating a meditation altar is to set an intention for your altar. You can choose to focus on a specific deity or god, like Shiva or Ganesh, and then fill your altar with objects that symbolize those qualities.

Symmetry is also important, so you’ll want to arrange your altar in a way that mirrors the left and right sides of a mandala. This symmetry reflects the energy of balance and wholeness.

Using Candles for Meditation

The warm glow of a candle is a powerful tool for meditation. You can add a few candles to your meditation altar table for extra illumination and to help you focus during your meditative sessions.

Other meditation tools include mala beads, singing bowls, and essential oils. All of these items can be found at most local craft stores and are great for supporting your meditative practice.


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