July 9, 2022

Meditate With Eyes Open


Meditate With Eyes Open

Some may say there is no way you could meditate while keeping your eyes open. Well the truth is many experts and people say you do not need to. In fact, you are meditating anytime you are in the present moment. Yes, that includes when you are cooking and you are just stirring the carrots and doing nothing else. Tibetan Buddism, Zen Buddism, and Trataja Meditation all have some sort of way of meditating with the eyes not closed. Learn how to meditate with eyes open below.

Meditate With Eyes Open


In order to meditate with your eyes open you need to make sure your surroundings and setting is quiet enough to not disturb you. Make sure you are not staring at anything for too long and keeping light eye sight. Also, try to let go of the idea of your thoughts. Please just let them come through whenever you hear them. You can always close your eyes during the meditation if it is too  uncomfortable keeping them open.

Try the meditation below for an example of someone who keeps their eyes open during this process. Benefits of meditating with the eyes not closed include staying awake easier, developing stronger concentration skills, and even combining your regular life with your meditation practice. Finally, now how cool is that? Also, have any of you guys ever tried this? Please let us know in the comments below on what you thought of it.


Meditate With Eyes Open: Meditation Example




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