August 19, 2023

Medical Reasons Why My Ear Sounds Like a Rubber Band

Is there a medical reason why my ear sounds like a rubber band?

The sound is likely caused by the same cause as the “Rice Krispie” effect — when the eardrum and other tissues of the middle ear are inflamed and blocked. It is also called otitis media and can occur with an upper respiratory infection, or as a result of putting something in the ear canal (such as a cotton swab) that causes an earwax buildup.

Sound vibrations travel well through solids, such as your finger, but less well through gases, such as air. When a sound vibrates your fingers, the signals are transmitted through your ear canal to the Cochlea, a snail shell shaped part of your inner ear that contains fluids. The ear sends these signals to the brain via nerves. The brain translates these electrical signals to make sense of the sounds, such as their pitch, frequency and location.

If the ear clicking persists, see your doctor to check if there is an underlying condition. The ear, nose and throat physician may prescribe antibiotics to treat a viral or bacterial infection or ear drops to help loosen earwax if there is a blockage in the ear canal.

The Valsalva maneuver, which involves pinching the nose and blowing out the nose slowly, can help open a closed Eustachian tube to allow fluid to flow into and out of the ears. Eardrops and sprays that soften the earwax and drain it from the ear canal are other possible treatment options.


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