February 2, 2024

Mary DeTurris Poust - Stillpoint: Creating Calm From Chaos

mary deturris poust

Mary deturris poust is an author, columnist, retreat leader and speaker who regularly contributes to Catholic New York and writes on family, spirituality and other subjects for national and regional publications. In addition to being published six books - including Cravings: A Catholic Wrestles with Food, Self-Image and God and Everyday Divine: A Guide to Active Spirituality - and running her blog Not Strictly Spiritual.

On June 9-11, deTurris Poust will facilitate an unforgettable spiritual experience: Stillpoint: Creating Calm from Chaos." This retreat is tailored to those struggling to find space and time to nourish body, mind, and spirit - using journaling, guided meditations and hands-on prayer experiences, participants will learn how to create their own quiet oasis within this hectic world.

This United Kingdom-B Format paperback, published in 2008 and featuring 308 pages, is in Very Good condition and shows only minor signs of wear on one corner page; no other marks or wear are evident. This book explores the core teachings of Catholicism in plain English for young adults aged 9-12; from Peter's often-abrasive and aggressive personality to Matthew's uncanny abilities with numbers, details, and details, to Mary Magdalene's ongoing struggle not with demons that Jesus cast out; these fresh depictions of disciples will make any Christian home library more complete!


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