April 2, 2024

Mary Deturris Poust

Mary deturris poust is a Catholic writer, columnist and journalist renowned for her essays published across national and regional publications since 2001. Her monthly column Life Lines can be found in Catholic New York since 2001 while other pieces can be found on Not Strictly Spiritual as well as Our Sunday Visitor Daily Take Blog and numerous national publications. In addition, she is author of various books such as Walking Together, Everyday Divine and Parenting Grieving Children.

Poust lives in Pearl River, Rockland County with her husband and three daughters. She holds both an undergraduate degree in journalism and master's degree in English literature; is an avid reader and yoga enthusiast, as well as being an avid consumer of modern media such as Mark Bittman's blog, Aerosmith concerts and Facebook posts. Incorporating mindfulness practice and Buddhist spirituality into her religious practices makes her something of an expert in consumer-friendly Catholicism, with elements from mindfulness practices incorporated into her religious practices - while being part of Catholic Writers Guild membership!


Welcome to the blog all about your mental, physical and last but not least, your spiritual health, and well-being.
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