August 22, 2022

Marianne Williamson Meditation: Lightness

Marianne Williamson Meditation

Who doesn’t want to feel at peace? That may be the main point of meditation. The goal of achieving personal enlightenment, joy, and calmness. With Marianne’s meditation, she really gets you to let go, and let the light wash over you. It is nearly impossible not to feel lighter and more content after one of her guided meditations. Check out Marianne Williamson Meditation below.

Marianne Williamson Meditation

Marianne Williamson is an author and a spiritual teacher. She has written 13 books, most of which became New York Times bestsellers. She is also the founder of Project Angel Food and co-founder of Peace Alliance. Additionally, she is the perfect person to lead a meditation that is based on finding peace and light. She developed an interest in meditation, and spirituality as a whole, in the 1970s. Her belief is that you can not find peace without the forgiveness of others. Sometimes, forgiveness may seem impossible. Furthermore, with her meditations, however, you can get more clarity, and find the peace that you need to heal.

"Divine love is the core and essence of every human mind." This is a quote that Williamson draws inspiration on. This is the focus of her meditation. To feel love, acceptance, forgiveness, and light. 

The thing I love about her meditations is that they are guided. Her voice is so kind and embracing. She speaks to you in a sweet manner and tells you what to visualize throughout the process. Additionally, this can be super helpful so as to not have your mind wander. From imagining a little ball of light, to a beautiful garden. It is impossible not to feel happier, lighter, and more positive after one of her guided meditations. Furthermore,  listen below to one of my favorites. 

Marianne Williamson Meditation

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