June 13, 2022

Mariah Duran Meditation: Staying Present and Focused

Mariah Duran Meditation

Meditation is an important part of stress relief. Relieving trauma, or just staying motivated. There are many reasons why people meditate. There are also many types of meditations out there. Meditation is an important tool for any type of person. It’s not necessarily for “hippies” or “yogis.” Take for instance professional skateboarder Mariah Duran. She recently opened up about her love of meditation. And the role it plays in her life. Check out the Mariah Duran Meditation below.

Mariah Duran Meditation

Mariah Duran is a 25-year-old professional skateboarder. She is from Albuquerque. She entered her first competition Recently, she was a part of the inaugural U.S. Olympic skateboarding. She has also won the Gold medal at X Games Minneapolis. In 2016, Duran went pro, signing with Meow Skateboards. Alongside professional skateboarders Leo Baker and Vanessa Torres. 

With such success in a short amount of time, Duran shared that she finds meditation paramount to staying grounded. She was interviewed and opened up about the meditation that she enjoys. Her go-to meditations are ones that center around being present and focused. And finding clarity. Whether it’s five minutes, or an hour each day. These focus-centric meditations are highly beneficial. My favorite time to do these types of meditations is early in the mornings. Before you start your day. It really helps jump-start your day.

Some people think that meditation is only needed if you are depressed, feeling lost, or stressed. That’s not exactly the case though. Most of the time, meditation is best used when you feel that your life is on track. It’s a great way to check in with yourself. And to help stay the course. We can take for granted the moments when we’re feeling our best. We sometimes only check in with ourselves when we feel out of control. Our mental health is something that should be maintained with regular check-ins. Like a car when it’s due for its six-month checkup. Or when we go to the doctor once a year for a physical. Even if we don’t feel sick. Our mind body and soul should be treated with the same attendance. Watch below for one of my personal favorite meditations about staying present in the moment.

Mariah Duran Meditation


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