March 19, 2023

Mariah Duran and the Power of Meditation

mariah duran meditation

Mariah Duran is a world-class skater who has mastered the art of juggling a successful pro career with a busy family life. The 22-year-old is a two-time X Games gold medalist, has signed major sponsors, and will make history next summer when she competes for the first time in the Olympics.

Her road to becoming a professional skater started in middle school when she and her brothers Elijah and Zeke would sling pizzas at local joint Dion's to help support their passion. She has a full schedule of competitions on the calendar, but she also finds time to travel to places like Japan and Europe with her parents and brothers for the experience of a lifetime.

She's also embraced the power of meditation to keep her on track and in the best shape possible for competitive events. She's even partnered with sports technology company Orreco to help her better understand her body's natural cycle and how it affects performance.

Using a smartphone app to measure her body's performance, she's gotten a better understanding of how she works and what parts of her workout are most effective. That's important for a variety of reasons, including managing her hormones, preventing injury and finding time to train when she's busy with a full-time job, her husband and her son.

Despite her success, there are a few obstacles she's had to overcome that won't go away. For starters, qualifying for the Olympic skateboarding program will be on hold until Covid-19 is resolved and she can take advantage of the new mitigation measures. She's not quite sure when that will happen, but she has a plan and is determined to make it work out for the best.


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