June 13, 2022

Maria Menounos Meditation: The Soul Sync

Maria Menounos MeditationMeditation is something that has been around for ages. However, it seems that lately, it has seen a resurgence. That is in part due to different celebrities being so open and discussing their love of meditation. Maria Menounos is one of those celebrities. Check out the Maria Menounos Meditation below.

Maria Menounos Meditation

Maria Menounos is a journalist and television personality. She was born in Medford MA. Right outside of Boston. In 2017, Menounos opened up about undergoing surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. It was during this time that she sought out meditation. Her go-to? A meditation called The Soul Sync. Menounos praises this meditation for helping her heal. Both mentally and physically. It is important to check in with yourself. It is helpful to listen to your body. And the signs it is showing you. You can click on the link below to watch an amazing Soul Sync meditation.

The Soul Sync meditation is used to start your day. It helps bring in positivity. It also helps you with the power of consciousness. The Soul Sync is able to help you manifest your intentions. In a heartfelt way. Sometimes we get so weighed down by the day-to-day of life. Sometimes we feel our dreams are forever out of reach. It can become overwhelming. Furthermore, finding a good meditation is beneficial to helping us stay on the right path. And help make our goals a reality. Even just for clearing our heads and starting over. 

The Soul Sync is a mediation that was created by One World Academy. It’s a program that is designed to help people reach a beautiful state of well-being, through meditation. And mindfulness. If you are looking for a mediation that is best suited to your need to manifest your own destiny, then look no further. This mediation is great for helping bring positivity into your day-to-day life. And for helping you reach your goals. It's an amazing meditation to check in with yourself. And help you stay on your path. Additionally, you can use it once a day, or whenever you feel the need. 

Maria Menounos Meditation


Click here to watch


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