March 23, 2023

Maria Menounos is a Wellness and Mindfulness Adviser

maria menounos meditation

Maria Menounos is no stranger to a jam-packed schedule. The Extra co-host hosts her own reality show, Chasing Maria Menounos; is an Oxygen host, and has written a second diet and fitness book coming out this summer! She is also a wellness and mindfulness advocate.

Her journey to wellness started back in 2014, when she rediscovered the power of mindfulness and self-care. She has since hosted a daily podcast, featuring self-help guests such as Deepak Chopra and Dr. Shefali, and teaches her listeners how to shift their attention to the things that matter: health, happiness, and gratitude.

The media maven has re-emerged from her personal health scare, and she is determined to live with greater intention and pave her own path towards transformation. During her recent visit to Denver as a keynote speaker at evre, she shared her story and her message that women need to reclaim their own power and regain control of their health.

One of the most important ways to heal your mind and body is to start with your thoughts. This is why Alicia Keys has partnered with meditation guru Deepak Chopra to create a free 21-day meditation experience that will help you activate the Divine Feminine.

She is also the creator of Rally, a digital health experience that helps you make small, simple changes to your daily routine and track your progress online.

In addition, her recent pregnancy is a great reminder of how a healthy lifestyle can lead to a happy, healthy life. She and her husband, Kevin Undergaro, have struggled with fertility for almost a decade and are finally getting to be parents through surrogacy.


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