July 10, 2024

Manufacture of cosmetics based on plant ingredients

The trend for natural products and a healthy lifestyle has now reached the beauty sector. In the contemporary era, an increasing number of individuals are inclined to prioritise the composition of a product before making a purchase. The most efficacious and secure products are those that are developed on the basis of plant components. They have become a popular ingredient that is widely used in the creation of cosmetics around the world.

The Millmax factory specialises in the development and creation of cosmetic wares based on natural ingredients. These products have no negative impact on the body and are characterised by increased effectiveness.

Herbal cosmetics market

Natural cosmetics are cosmetic and personal care products that have been developed on the basis of natural ingredients derived from minerals, plants and other natural substances. The use of such products allows for the minimisation of the risks of adverse reactions to the body, as well as the prevention of environmental issues that may arise from the use of synthetic substances, chemicals and preservatives in the production process.

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of herbal cosmetics is the increasing expenditure on health products. Furthermore, the prevalence of skin problems associated with the use of products containing synthetic substances has contributed to a growing preference among consumers for goods based on natural ingredients.

It is worth considering the underlying causes as to why people are increasingly favouring herbal cosmetics:

  • Safety. Most of the products are hypoallergenic, have no adverse effects on the body and are approved by dermatologists.
  • Versatility. The products are suitable for use on all types of hair and skin. The range is sufficiently extensive to permit individuals to identify the optimal product for their specific needs.
  • Accessibility. In contrast to traditional cosmetics, natural cosmetics are distinguished by their relatively low price. This is evidenced by the fact that their production is not mass and global, and does not require expensive advertising campaigns.
  • Not being tested on animals.In contrast to numerous other cosmetic products that are tested on animals, natural product manufacturers do not engage in such practices.

MillMax comprehensive services

The contract manufacturer Millmax offers its customers a comprehensive range of services throughout the production process for cosmetics. In contrast to other companies in the field, Millmax is prepared to assume responsibility for not only the development and production of health and beauty wares, but also for the marketing, paperwork, sales, storage and logistics of these products.

The primary objective of the plant's specialists is to adopt an individualised approach at each stage of production in order to optimise the final cost. The supplement contract manufacturing services include:

  • individual counselling on the creation of products;
  • compilation of technical specifications with all customer requirements;
  • sourcing and procurement of base materials;
  • development of a unique formula for the future product;
  • product manufacturing;
  • clinical trials and testing;
  • product and trade mark registration;
  • product packaging;
  • creation of marketing strategy and promotion of cosmetic goods;
  • warehousing;
  • analysis of distribution outlets.

Each stage of the process is overseen by experts who are thoroughly familiarised with all European standards and regulations. The collaboration with Millmax ensures the production of high-quality, natural goods that comply with all European Union standards or are adapted to other markets.

Stages of production of herbal cosmetics

In the contemporary market, businesses are no longer required to possess their own production facilities; instead, they may opt to engage the services of companies specialising in outsourced cosmetic product creation. The opportunity to save a significant amount of money while creating quality products under private label is a key benefit of contract manufacturing.

For those who wish to engage in outsourcing production services, the following provides a detailed account of the various stages of collaboration.

Consultation and product idea development

Prior to commencing work, Millmax employees engage in a preliminary meeting with the client, during which they attempt to gain a deeper insight into the client's requirements. During the initial consultation, the customer is required to complete a statement of work, which sets out their vision for the future product.

The meeting also encompasses the conceptualisation of the product's creation and the proposal of a unique herbal product.

Formulation development

Once all the requisite information and specifications have been received from the customer, the plant staff proceed to the formulation development stage. In the majority of cases, the customer requests the development of a unique product or the alteration of a number of criteria associated with an already existing product.

In order to achieve this objective, experts in the field develop a distinctive formula comprising herbs and natural ingredients. The final product is based on a combination of safe and effective herbal components, which have been demonstrated to be highly effective and to have no adverse effects on the body.

Millmax maintains its own laboratory, which is responsible for conducting all the necessary tests to ensure product quality and safety. The staff are responsible for carrying out mandatory clinical examinations and tests, as well as noting compliance with all technological norms.

Sourcing of ingredients

Reputable companies engage in cooperative relationships with trusted base ingredients suppliers who are required to provide only natural and safe ingredients. The wares of Millmax are created based on plant extracts and do not contain various synthetic substances and chemicals that could negatively affect the effectiveness and safety of the products.

It is of the utmost importance that the raw materials obtained undergo rigorous testing and research in order to ascertain their quality and suitability for use in the production of cosmetics.

Product manufacture

The Millmax facility is situated in Latvia, where the majority of production takes place. Firstly, the contract manufacturer creates a prototype of the prospective product, which is subjected to testing and evaluation by the customer. In the event of ambiguous performance, the sample is sent for revision until the requisite values are achieved. Should the results be deemed satisfactory, the company will proceed to the next stage of production, namely mass production.

It is important to note that quality control is observed at all stages of production. Furthermore, the services of contract manufacturing encompass the creation of logos and brand identities, which are subsequently employed for the packaging and labelling of products in accordance with European standards.

Legal support

Furthermore, Millmax employs attorneys who are duly qualified to assume responsibility for all necessary technical documentation. The team is responsible for ensuring that the products comply with European Union legislation. In addition, they are tasked with obtaining the necessary certificates and permits and can also assist with trade mark registration.

The company's legal counsel is also available to provide assistance on product labelling and registration, while ensuring compliance with all international standards.


The majority of people have long held the conviction that natural is inherently superior to artificial. Over the past few years, this viewpoint has been tested in numerous areas of human life and has consistently proven to be valid. The cosmetic market has also undergone significant changes in recent years, with an increasing number of consumers opting for natural cosmetic products.

The contract manufacturing services provided by Millmax assist contemporary businesses in the production of high-quality and safe cosmetics based on natural and herbal ingredients. The distinctive feature of such wares is their safety, efficacy, and affordable price. The collaboration with a reputable manufacturer, Millmax, ensures the production of authentic cosmetics that will meet the demands of consumers.


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