March 19, 2023

Louise Hay Meditation

louise hay meditation

Louise Hay meditation is a wonderful way to practice compassion and patience towards yourself. It can help you release any negative emotions that may be causing self-shame or unhappiness in your life.

This gentle 33-minute track (available on Audible) is a perfect way to start the day with some motivational affirmations from one of the earliest leaders of the New Thought movement. Listen to it in a quiet place every morning and you'll see incredible positive results.

The author of more than 23 bestselling books, Louise Hay is an internationally known lecturer and teacher. She shares her philosophy of life on a multitude of subjects, from addictions to fears to spiritual laws.

Her bestselling book You Can Heal Your Life is available in a wide variety of formats, including audiobooks and eBooks. It has been translated into more than 30 languages and has sold over 35 million copies.

Hay began her career as a Religious Science practitioner in the 1970s. She studied the metaphysical works of authors such as Florence Scovel Shinn and the Religious Science founder Ernest Holmes. She also studied transcendental meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at his university in Fairfield, Iowa.

As a result of her own experience with cancer, she decided to use a non-medical approach to healing. She created a program of visualization, forgiveness, psychotherapy, wholesome cleansing, and nutritional health. She claims she rid herself of cervical cancer in less than half a year.

Her work was a major contributor to the rise of the self-help movement. Her books and meditations have influenced millions of people, inspiring them to take control of their lives by learning how to heal their mind and body.


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