March 19, 2023

Longview Nutrition Helps Longview ISD Grow More Fruits and Vegetables

longview nutrition

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Adding more fruits and vegetables to school lunches

Students at Longview ISD’s 13 schools have long benefitted from the fruits and vegetables grown in a 960-square-foot garden behind the district’s Education Support Center on East Young Street. They’ve enjoyed fresh salsa, seasoned purple hull peas and spaghetti sauce made from tomatoes straight out of the garden.

Having garden-grown produce gives students more variety, making the school meals healthier and more appealing to kids, said Roshundalyn Chardee Snoddy, LISD’s chef and culinary trainer. The garden also helps to save the district money, she said, allowing the district to reduce its reliance on expensive processed foods that are often loaded with salt and saturated fats.

At the same time, Snoddy says it’s important for students to learn about how food is produced and how their decisions affect the environment. Having a garden can teach them about the benefits of sustainable farming and give them an appreciation for local products.


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