January 28, 2024

Living With Intention - The Benefits of Living With Intention

living with intention

At the core of any great life is intention: an ability to guide the course and stay on course with what matters to us most. Living life with intention requires living in the present moment with full awareness of every decision made as well as setting clear goals that matter to us most.

Living life with purpose has many advantages, from an improved sense of wellbeing and better overall health to making meaningful relationships more rewarding. Your intentions may change over time so it is wise to revisit them regularly; if this is something new for you, try writing down your intentions at the start of each month and evaluating them at its conclusion so you can track any progress made or adjust as necessary.

Hidden Meaning #1: You Will Experience More Meaning One of the main effects of living intentionally is experiencing more fulfilling experiences. By living purposefully, you begin shedding layers of social expectations, past failures, and self-doubt to uncover your true self - this journey of self-discovery may not always be smooth sailing but it can bring greater happiness and contentment in life.

Living intentionally can also help your priorities shift. You'll become more protective of your time and energy, saying no to things that don't align with your values or move you towards your goals - including social events that drain you or even relationships that don't contribute toward fulfilling them.


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