March 25, 2024

Living With Intention - Empower Your Life

If life seems to be running you, living with intention empowers you to regain control and create a more fulfilling existence. While the steps don't have to be complicated or hard, doing it requires consistent effort as it goes against human nature's tendency towards comfort.

Intentional living means making decisions that reflect your values and beliefs every day, with regard to choices big and small. It means identifying what's most important in life, prioritizing those Big Rocks, letting go of things that no longer bring joy, while saying yes to those that do; in addition, setting aside time for self-care can also play a vital role.

As you practice living intentionally, you'll become more attuned to daily experiences and more aware of patterns that drain or threaten your mental and emotional well-being. Over time, you will learn to leave short-term self care solutions behind in favor of lasting emotional balance.

As this journey isn't an endpoint, you will make mistakes and slip back into old habits, but if you can be patient and understanding with yourself it can be beautiful. Remember, just like any new habit it takes time for the practice to become embedded into daily life; therefore it is key that this becomes part of your routine like exercise!


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