January 28, 2024

Kim Eng is the Wife of Eckhart Tolle

how old is eckhart tolle wife

Kim Eng is the wife of Eckhart Tolle, an internationally recognized spiritual leader and best-selling author. She has helped spread his teachings across a wider audience while serving as her own teacher - offering presence through movement classes as well as seminars on Zen Buddhism, Sufism and Hinduism.

Eckhart Tolle was born as Ulrich Leonard Tolle in Lunen, Germany and suffered financially while growing up amid constant conflict between his parents. At an older age he feared for his safety and experienced panic attacks before discovering the works of German poet Joseph Anton and attending London University to further his literary and philosophical education.

Studies gave Tolle access to an expanded consciousness that helped him overcome fears and find inner peace he'd never known before, leading him on his journey as a spiritual teacher and supporting others through their personal difficulties.

Tolle and his wife Kim are well-known for their workshops that cover spirituality, meditation and healing through presence. They have written several books as well as hosting numerous workshops and retreats around the world; most notably appearing with Dalai Lama at Vancouver Peace Summit 2009 alongside Matthieu Ricard. Topics taught include Power of Now and A New Earth.


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