March 23, 2023

Kelly Howell Meditation

kelly howell meditation

Kelly howell meditation, the world's leading producer of binaural beat guided meditation and brain optimization programs has helped millions of people to achieve a life of health, prosperity and inner peace. She is the author of six national bestselling audio books and is renown for her pioneering work in mind expansion, personal development and sound healing.

Theta state: deep meditation, creativity and intuition

Clinical studies show that theta states are one of the most powerful places to reprogram your brain and change your habits. These meditative sessions use carefully engineered binaural beats and brainwave entrainment to guide you into the ideal "mind-awake" or "body-asleep" mental states, where your mind transcends daily clutter, negative thoughts are dramatically swept away by brilliant flashes of insight and understanding, and you experience untold depths of inner peace.

Delta state: blissful, renewal, healing and recharging

Delta binaural beats and brainwave retraining create a calming and rejuvenating state of relaxation, beneficial for all health conditions and a great way to sleep at night. In these deeply meditative states, your body's natural healing abilities are activated and you'll discover the power of your own healing potential!

Gamma state: increased cognition and inspiration

Gamma states are associated with the hypnotic dream state, where your subconscious can become aware of and manifest your greatest dreams. These guided meditations are designed to stimulate your imagination and increase intuition, dissolve old patterns of not getting what you want, and create a new sense of inner confidence.


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