November 18, 2023

Just How Fast the Night Changes

At it's core, this song reminds us that life is short. It is a powerful reminder to cherish every moment and be present in our relationships. The lyrics are also deeply relatable to the human experience and have resonated with countless fans.

The night changes can be a reference to the way the moon looks differently from each direction. From Earth, the moon's right side grows with light into a crescent, then a gibbous (more than a semicircle but less than a full circle), and then finally a bright full moon. This process takes about a fortnight and is called 'waxing'. The left side, on the other hand, shrinks and fades to nothing which is known as 'waning'.

It could also be a reference to her relationship with her boyfriend she's having the time of her life and is feeling free. She's headed for something she'll never forget with him, but he is concerned she might go crazy with how fast this feels. He knows it's only going to get harder as they move towards their future together.


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