March 19, 2023

Just For Today Daily Meditation

just for today daily meditation

In recovery, a daily meditation practice is an important part of achieving sobriety. It can help you to focus, relax and sleep better. In addition, it can be a helpful tool to keep you on track and motivated during tough times.

Just for Today, or JFT, is a daily meditation practice designed to support Narcotics Anonymous (NA) members in their recovery from drug addiction. It’s available in a variety of formats, including online or on your phone through an app.

It’s called Just for Today because it encourages people to set their sights on recovery one day at a time. This approach to behavioral change, called partialization, has been shown to be very effective in helping people achieve lasting sobriety.

The Just for Today meditation is often recited aloud at NA meetings, but it can also be written into a journal. This method of using this meditation is even more powerful because it activates even more areas of the brain, making it easier to keep a positive mindset.

The Just for Today daily meditation is a simple tool that requires repetition for it to be effective. Research shows that it takes about 66 days to form a habit, so if you’re committed to using this technique, you can get great results. Remember, however, that this daily practice is not a substitute for professional help, so it’s important to seek out help if you feel like you need it. If you are looking for a free Just for Today meditation timer, check out the MindTastik app.


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